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What our customers say about MES Athletic Director

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"I must tell you that it is a pleasure to deal with both you and your product.  The info you sent was exactly what I needed.  I recommend Athletic Director to every secretary and A.D. I come in contact with - it is an exceptional product and certainly worth much more than you charge."

Mary Moser

"Very good, appropriate program for the A.D. Easy to use and complete. Excellent attention when an upgrade is suggested or help is needed. Awards program also priceless in combination with A.D. Program."

David Franskevicz
New York

"Our school has been using your Athletic Director program for the past year and we have been pleased with the product. In addition, we have been very impressed with the technical support we have received, whether we have phoned or email, Technical support has always responded promptly and efficiently to our inquiries."

Paul Proznick
British Columbia

"I can't say enough about your Athletic Director Program. I have been the A.D. at Villa Maria Academy for 15 years, and I had yet to find the right program to help me. Then I got your flier in the mail. AD for Windows is outstanding! The eligibility and roster forms, the scheduling capabilities are exactly what today's High school A.D. needs. I was there when you were first developing the software for Pennsylvania. The tech support has been great, and the free upgrades are a bonus!"

Dan Ek

"I would like to thank Mansker Software Solutions for their dedication to the Athletic Director program. Technical support has been very helpful anytime I run in to a problem and works until a correction is made. They have implemented many suggestions in to his program that athletic directors in my league have suggested. It is nice to receive email back within a reasonable time and know that corrections are in the works. They have emailed several updated versions of the Athletic Director program that either correct or enhance the operation of the program. Thanks once again for a program which definitely makes the AD's job easier."

Rick Beggs

"It has been a pleasure to use the AD software. Speeds things up in a cleaner method. We have placed it on the school server making access to those scheduling with instant visibility for changes and additions for those concerned. We are currently having it made available to all coaches for read only on the server as well. Keep up the great work."

Milt Stringer

"I have been using this program for four years now. In fact, I think we were one of the first users in the state of Michigan. There were lots of times I needed some help when I was getting started and technical support was always very willing to help out. There have been reports and different screens that I thought would be beneficial, so I contacted them and after looking over the options, if it was at all possible to change the program to incorporate my request, they would send me an upgrade. This program has been an extremely beneficial tool in the athletic office at Dowagiac and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have spoken very positively to other athletic secretaries in our area and I believe that some of them are now using the MES Athletic Director program. Thank you for making my hectic job easier!!!!"

Jodi Badder

"During my three years as Athletic Director at Laurel ,I have searched for a program that would do the work of a secretary. The MES Athletic Director is the answer. This program allows me to provide other schools with very professional looking information and saves countless hours of preparation. The most important part is the technical support at your fingertips. A toll free call or e-mail get results very quickly. I can't remember what revision Pa. was on when I started but we are now using revision 31. It makes me feel good that many of my suggestions have been installed into the program. I highly recommend this program to any Athletic Director who needs to be organized."

Don Nogay

"I have used this program (and it's upgrades) for five years now. I recommend the program. I highly recommend the staff as they have always been very willing to work with me. If you have any questions feel free to call me at Poplar Bluff High School in the Athletic Director's Office. I would be glad to share information with you. Again, I highly recommend this company and products!"

Janet Duckett

"Without a doubt, MES Athletic Director has saved me countless hours of work and has allowed me to work more effectively."

Jamie Roberts

"There is no telling how much time my Athletic Director's Program has saved me. The technical support is fantastic. They are always so cooperative, and punctual. If you need something added to the program and it is feasible they will take care of you."

Larry Bunn

"I would like to add my name to your growing list of satisfied customers. The program is a time saver and is so quick and easy to update for following seasons. Thank you very much!"

Richard Turner

"I just want you to know that this has been the best investment I have purchased all year. You can quote me As a first year Athletic Director this is a must have product. It will makes scheduling so easy. Thanks for making a great product."

Aaron Hamilton

"I have appreciated the quick response to any problems that I encountered with the new upgrades to the Athletic Director program. You were quick to fix any of the problems and made my life easier in dealing with the paperwork involved with my job. I recommend this program and your staff to all of my peers."

Greg Cannon

"Just wanted to let you know that you guys are the best. Whatever did I do before I found the Athletic Director program!!!!"

Faye Harting

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