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Networking your Mansker Software

All Mansker Software programs are networkable, and we are glad to provide information for your network administrator regarding the process.

We DO NOT provide support regarding the configuration of your network.  We only provide technical support of our software running on or off the network.

We suggest that only a network administrator with technical expertise attempt the networking of the software.

 Networking MES Athletic Director Software at the Time of Installation

1.  Create a shared folder called \AD4  on a network drive for which the workstation and intended users have full control.  This works best if the folder is on the root drive. Putting the data several folders down from the root can negatively affect performance.

2.  First Workstation:  Install the software.  Choose the Full install option. 

3.  Open the MES Athletic Director software.  Install the PDF printer.  Next, you will get a screen with a link to upgrade the software for your state.  Click the link.  On the web page you have a grid of states.  Click on your state.  This takes you to the upgrade page.  Click the Upgrade File link in the table.  Run this file.  Open the software and the screen you see will give you the option to begin the demo or to Upgrade from Version 3.

3a.  (You do not currently have Athletic Director Version 3.)  Click the Begin Demo.  The next screen prompts you to enter your school name and your zip code.  The name you enter here should be exactly as you want it to appear on contracts and other documents produced by the program.

3b. (You do currently have Athletic Director Version 3.)  This option imports information from your existing program.  A copy of the Version 3 data file (athdata.mdb), must be in the C:\Athdir folder to complete the import.  If your Version 3 program is not networked, the file is there already.  If your Version 3 program is networked, copy the file from the server to the C:\Athdir folder.  (If you don't know the location of the athdata.mdb file, open the Version 3 program and go to the File menu on the opening screen. Choose Where's My Data to get the path.  Once the data file is in place, click the Upgrade From Version 3 button.

When you open the program and click the Open Contest Information button, you will be prompted to install the PDF printer.  Complete this installation.

You should now have a working standalone program.

4.  Move the C:\Program Files\Mansker Enterprises\AD\AthleticData.mdb to the shared folder on the server. (Make sure you Move it instead of Copying it.)

5.  Open the software.  You will get an attachment screen asking the location of the data.  In the box on the screen, it will say C:\Program Files\Mansker Enterprises\AD and the Found column will indicate NO.  Click this path to highlight it.  This activates the Locate button.  Browse to the shared folder on the server and select the AthleticData.mdb file.  Click Open.  This refreshes the links to the the data file and the path in the box under Found will indicate YES.  Click Finished.

This completes the networking on the first machine. 

6.  Install the software on remaining workstations.  Use the Workstation install on these machines. Complete the state upgrade and reopen the software and attach to the AthleticData file according to number 5 above. 

Networking Existing Installations

1.  Create the appropriate network folder according to the above instructions.

2.  Move the data file (AthleticData.mdb) to the new folder on the network drive from the computer where the software is currently installed. (Move the data file, don't Copy it.)

3.  Follow Number 6 above.

If you have any questions or problems with the install, please call tech support at 888-334-8418.


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