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One School Street

Easy Web Calendar Integration

• Absolutely the easiest way to put your school's sporting and master calendar events on the web.
• Upload your events and schedules in a single file directly from your computer.
If you add events or schedules, simply upload a new events file to bring the web site into sync with the event information on your computer.
• Visitors can view your events in calendar format by month, week or day.

  Visitors can register to be notified by email when an event changes. A great way to notify parents of cancellations or game detail changes.
• Visitors can browse your sports schedules and print them from the web site.
• You may enter and edit Master Calendar events such as club meetings, open house, vacations and more.
• is available to all schools.  Special site features for our MES Athletic Director users.
  Cost:  $99.00 Per calendar year. See a OneSchoolStreet Calendar
  *If you don't use our Athletic Director software, you can download a free program to build events schedules for upload to the site. See a OneSchoolStreet Schedules Screen
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