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Discipline Tracker--Teacher Add-On Help
  Important Note: The teacher add-on works only with networked installations of the Discipline Tracker software and will NOT work if your Discipline Tracker is installed as a standalone. Teacher workstations will need to have read/write/delete/update permissions on the shared folder where the Discipline Tracker data file (mytables.mdb) resides.

Discipline Tracker--Teacher allows your teachers to do paperless referrals. The teacher add-on does not allow teachers access to any discipline data, it simply allows them to send referrals over the network directly to the appropriate Principal's computer, where the Principal is alerted of the referral and may choose either to process the referral at that time, be reminded in 30 minutes, or to file the referral for later disposition.

How do I enable my Discipline Tracker to receive referrals?

What does the teacher see?

What does the teacher do?

How does it work on the principal's computer?

Installation Instructions

Download Discipline Tracker--Teacher

Order Discipline Tracker--Teacher

License Information

Here is what the teacher sees:

This is the completed referral as entered by the teacher:

The teacher may print a copy of the referral prior to sending it to the Principal.  When the referral is complete, the teacher clicks the Send button to send the referral and close their referral screen.    
Discipline Tracker checks for transmitted referrals once each minute.  When it receives a referral, the following screen appears on the appropriate principal's computer.  An audible beep alerts the principal who may be away from his desk.  When the referral is displayed, the principal has the option of processing the referral at that time, choosing to be reminded in 30 minutes or filing the referral for later disposition.

Teacher Input must be enabled on Principal's machines before transmitted referrals can be received.  This is done from the Edit menu on the opening screen.  Please be sure that you have upgraded your Discipline Tracker software to at least revision 111.

Make this choice and then check the box enabling the teacher input feature.

Installation:  Once you have downloaded the program from the web site, it must be run on each of the teacher machines.  These machines must have read/write/delete/update permissions on the shared folder on the server where your mytables.mdb file is located.  Once the Discipline Tracker--Teacher is installed, open the program.  You will get a mapping window that will ask you the location of the Detention Information table.

Select the network drive from the Drives box.  Then browse to the location of the shared folder and open it.

This displays the Mytables.mdb file in the left window.  Double click on this file name.  This attaches the first table.  Look at the bottom of the screen and you will see a blue progress bar for Attaching tables.  Double click the Mytables.mdb file six more times (attaching the remaining 6 tables) and the program will open.


Discipline Tracker--Teacher is licensed by the building.  This is defined as a single elementary, middle/jr. high, or high school within the district.  This name is displayed on the opening screen of your Discipline Tracker software.  The software is the sole intellectual property of Mansker Enterprises Software and may not be altered in any way from its original form.  It may not be reengineered or disassembled for any reason.  

Discipline Tracker may be installed on as many computers in its licensed building as the user desires.  There are no additional charges for additional installations.


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