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Configuring the AD 4 Backup Utility
This is the opening screen of the backup.  No file is currently selected to back up.  Click the Add button.
Browse for your data file.  If your install is a standalone, the data file will be C:\Program Files\Mansker Enterprises\AD\AthleticData.mdb
Select the file and click Open.
Select the New File option. Click OK.
As the second part, tell the backup where you want the file to be stored.  Browse in the Save In box to the location where the backup file will be restored.  The File Name will be DB1.mdb.  Change this file name to AthleticData.mdb.  This matches the data file name used by your program.
Click Save.  This brings you back to the configuration screen with the path of the file in place.  Click Go to do a backup.
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