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Welcome, Missouri Athletic Director Software Users!
If you just downloaded MES Athletic Director or if you are a current MES Athletic Director user click the Upgrade File link below to upgrade your software.

Version 4.4.78b  This update adds a box on the Officials Claim Form to indicate if official is retired from PSRS or PEERS and the number of hours worked for the event.

Upgrade File

MSHSAA File Upload Instructions


To complete the upgrade, click the Upgrade File link in the table above.  It is best to run the upgrade from the web site.  To do this, click the Run or Open button on the download screen (if you have these buttons).  This opens the Winzip Self-Extractor and you will see a screen with an OK button on it.  Click the button to complete the upgrade.  If your Athletic Director software is not networked, the upgrade is complete.  If the software is networked, open the software and point it to the data file (AthleticData.mdb) on the server.

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